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Services and Supplies for alluvial gold and diamonds miners.

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Services and supplies for alluvial exploration and mining. Rafal Swiecki is geological engineer specializing in planning, implementing and running alluvial exploration and mining projects for gold and/or diamonds. With over 25 years of experience in South America and Africa, Rafal Swiecki offers field proven solution and equipments for alluvial miners.

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Professional > Professionals Equipment and Supplies

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SERVICES - Alluvial exploration - Alluvial mining - Seismic SUPPLIES - Alluvial drills BANKA - Gravel pumps - High pressure water pumps - AGRALE & DEUTZ diesel engines - HDPE pipes, pressure hoses and accessories - Hummer mills - 4x4 vehicles & trucks - Recovery equipments for gold and diamonds - Engine frames, engine-pump unions, etc.

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